The air was still. The denizens of Harmony went about their lives, as they did every day. Children played in the streets, merchants and vendors hawked their wares. Nobody was aware of the storm on the horizon. Oh sure, storms come and go, but this was no storm of nature. This was something more sinister. In fact, on the mountains overlooking Harmony, a cloaked figure watched.
A flowing black robe shrouded the figure in darkness. Only the light from his eyes, small red coals, could be seen. Lightning flashed behind him. The storm was kept at bay, as if waiting for this figure’s call. Another flash and two similarly cloaked figures appeared. One swathed in crimson robes, the other in a midnight blue. As with the inky statue, only glowing orbs could be seen, denoting some sort of visage. The azure figure spoke in a high raspy voice.
“My lord, we are ready. We strike on your command.” The sapphire man bowed very low. The sanguine figure chuckled.
“We are not ready.There are only three of us! Surely we should wait for the others-” She was silenced by a black gauntlet, raised.
“My lord,” The crimson woman started again. “I only mean that we should not take this human city so lightly. We should at least wait for  Felyim! The more strength we have, the better.” she bowed as the blue robed man snarled. He turned to face her.
“We don’t need her! Felyim must have other, more important things than our lord’s wishes!”
ENOUGH!” the man in black boomed. The other figures shrunk before their lord’s powerful voice. The other man sputtered.
“My, my lord. I, that is we,” The dark man silenced him with another wave.
“Enough, Kyrax. Felyim is on a separate mission. She will not fail me. As for you, Kyran,” He turned to the blood red woman. “We will be fine, entering Harmony. The storm shall cover our approach. You, and your brother, shall contain the townspeople. Kill anyone who resists. Swiftly.” Kyrax looked at his sister and back at his lord.
“What of the Mage-King, my lord? He is very powerful, for a human.” The black figure looked back to the city of Harmony. As he did so, the violent tempest surged forward.
“I will take care of the wizard. The two of you do as you’re told. By the end of the night, we shall have control of Harmony.” His eyes flashed a bright red. Kyrax and Kyran’s eyes flashed as well. As lightning crackled around them, they disappeared in clouds of colored smoke.
In the royal chambers, guards stood at the ready. The storm outside coupled with the sounds of fighting in the city, placed the castle on alert. The fabled Mage-King of Harmony sat on his throne. His handsome features gazing at a fireball he was manipulating. The Mage-King was not a human, like the subjects around him. He was a djinn. A being of great magical power. His skin was gray and his eyes were pure white. He had a jet black ponytail and a long thin beard. No worries could be seen on his face. His guards, though elite, were dismayed by the sounds of horror coming from outside the castle. Screams and shouts of terror. The Mage-King suddenly sat up. His pointed ears, noticing a faint sound.
“Ready yourselves men.” The Mage-King politely said. “If you should fall, know that it will be with great honor.”
Suddenly the room itself became dark. All the light snuffed out. An inky smoke filled the entire room. The Mage-King tried to remove the assailing darkness but to no avail. A scream in the darkness, cut short, by the sound of a blade. Then another bloody scream. And then another. It continued until the room was silent once more. The Mage-King, the very embodiment of calm, simply stated;
“Face me.”
A deep voice answered.
“I am.” All of a sudden, two piercing red orbs appeared in the darkness. The Mage-King smiled, in the dark.
“I thought you were a myth, Paen.” From the shadows, a jet black gauntlet shot forth and grabbed the djinn’s throat.
“Clearly, I’m very real.”


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