The Job

Kira was scared. She and her family were frightened beyond belief. The whole neighborhood was living in fear. She knew, as did everyone else, that their city, their very homes were on the brink of utter destruction.
“Mom? Dad? I wanted to tell you, before the end, that I love you.” A tear fell from Kira’s eye. Her father blinked back his own tears.
“We love you too, Kira. We’re very proud of you.” Her father said, in teary smile. Just then, far above and beyond, a great roar swept across the land. It was far away, and yet, doom sunk the hearts of all.
“I guess this is it, Kira.” Her father said, nodding. The roar got louder, as it got ever closer. Their demise drowned out by the deafening cacophony of Fate.
Kira and her home were completely destroyed. There was no suffering. Swift, brutal, and painless demises befell everyone she ever knew. The cycle would repeat again, of course, but now it was over. The roar ceased. A few moments of silence passed as an enormous shout echoed over the vast field of death.
“DAD! The lawn’s mowed now!”


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