A Change of Pace

Introspective yet calm
Another strange line
No sense of meter
I guess that it’s fine.

What’s with this odd poem?
Did he have a stroke?
Did he snort insanity
In a line of crazed coke?

He has not written
But now he’s on fire
He can’t stop his fingers
He may never tire

Writer’s block died
Along with his pain
Another great step
On his path to be sane.

His old ghosts haunted
But now they are quelled
Now mere hallucinations
(However that’s spelled)

And whilst listening to music
He sits on his bed
No longer wishing
His exes be dead

He’s better off now
He’s sloughed off his fears
Perhaps he won’t wake
More mornings in tears.

He doesn’t care if you do
If you think this is lame
He’s laughing right now
‘Cause you lost the game!


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