Stalking through the corridors, I check my corners. The sound of giant engines idling, forcing me to strain my hearing. My rifle at the ready, searching for any and all movement. My senses are hyper-aware. As I turn down another hall, I see the glint of metal. I lie prone and inch around the edge of the wall. I see my enemy looking away. I raise my Mk 14 and look through the reflex sight. I line up his head and squeeze off a round. With a jolt, he slumps to the ground. I can hear his SMG clatter to the floor. To my right, in the open room, I hear echoes of footsteps, getting louder. I stand up and run into a small shop. I see the shadows of three more hostiles in the reflection of some sunglasses. I take two deep breaths and throw a flashbang grenade. With the foes stunned, I turn the corner and drop two of them. The third is hiding. I swing my rifle left and right, searching for this clever opponent. Suddenly, blinded by his flashbang. The taste of copper and then darkness.

“Damn it! I almost had him!” I yelled, as the other lobby members laughed at my rage.
“Yeah, Monty. You almost pointed at him too.” My teammates sarcastically replied. I smirked.
“Friggin’ Modern Warfare…”


Whaddya think?

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