Alfred never saw it coming. Battered in his youth, he swore to become stronger. Come Hell or high water, he’d never be beaten again. Damn it, he was right. Every time he was attacked, he’d fight the opposition into submission. Friends revered him, foes feared him. Grandeur followed him, arrogant in his new found power. Humility was not in Alfred’s mind. Incredible feats of physical strength were his weapon of choice. Jumping at the chance to best a foe. Kicking ass and taking names. Lasting impressions on those he’d beaten. Many fought him. Nobody won. Only Alfred stood triumphant. Picking fights was his only hobby. Quitting was not an option. Raised to see kindness as weakness, Alfred took out his rage on all comers. Suddenly, his streak ended. Terribly swift, his reign ended in a hit, Victory went to someone else. Winning was all, he knew. Xenophobia set in, unsure of what came next. You beat him. Zen beat Alfred.


Whaddya think?

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