The Writer

It’s almost as if He cares. The rain and the thunder crash against the window. The storm rages, but the writer is unmoved.  The writer, steadfast in his conviction, in his pain, ignores the storm. The tempest only treats the symptoms, while the disease is left unchecked. As if in answer, the thunder rolls on. The writer shakes his head. He doesn’t care. As the writer types that sentence, a bolt of lightning splits the afternoon sky. Maybe, the writer thinks to himself, I should try to take stock of what’s important in life. No! The writer exclaims. No matter how stormy you make it, I can’t abandon her!
The storm starts to unleash its fullest. Rain, lightning and wind.
He doesn’t expect the writer to do that
He can see the love the writer has for her in his heart.
And so, with the peace in his heart, the writer enjoys the storm that He made.


Whaddya think?

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