Don’t Go

The storm raged loudly. I stood by the bank of the river, as lightning flashed around me.rain and wind tore at my face. Yet still I stood. Unwavering, uncaring. I paid the storm no heed.
“He’s dying?” I asked, unbelieving. The storm loosed its fury on the world beneath it. I still paid it no mind.
“He can’t die. He can’t!” Tears started streaming down my already soaked face.
“HE CAN”T LEAVE US!!” I dropped to my knees. The river, being pounded by the storm, soaked up my words and carried them downstream. It paid me no mind.
“I… I can’t deal with it. It’s too much…” I sobbed quietly into my jacket. “He can’t leave us… I’m not ready.”
I wept for what seemed like days. The river and the sky, my only companions. My thoughts turned to him. He couldn’t die now. He just couldn’t die now.
I’d miss him too much.


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