A Semi Personal Survey

Remember the days of MySpace and Old old old old Facebook, when Surveys were done, to save time from actually talking to one another? This is one of those, but I shall answer honestly and humorously.

-Available: I am. Both in a career sense and a romantic one.
– Age: I am 25 years old, but I’ll be 26 this year.
– Annoyance: Close-minded people and bigots.
– Animal: My three favorites are Fennec Fox, Giraffe, and now the Armadillo.

– Birthday: I was born on the first of October, in 1986.
– Best Friend: I have four really great friends. Ivan, Jake, Megan, and MJ.
– Body Part on opposite sex: I’m a sucker for eyes. One of my ex girlfriends had the prettiest eyes that I have ever seen.
– Blind or Deaf: I’m already blind. Don’t take hearing away from me too.
– Best weather: I love thunderstorms. Stormy is perfect. However, 70’s – 80’s with a slight breeze and low humidity is good too. In the winter, I want snow. Lots of it.
– Been in Love: Yes I have. Once, I was convinced I’d marry a girl, but it wasn’t meant to be.
– Been on stage?: Yes I have.

– Candy: I have a sweet tooth. Mint anything and just about anything with chocolate.
– Color: Royal purple and silver are my favorite colors.
– Chinese/Mexican Food: I like both, if they’re authentic. I prefer Oriental food though.
– Cake or pie: Cake, unless the pie is French Silk.
– Continent to visit: I’d love to see Australia, even noting the fact of if it moves, it can kill you.
– Cheese: Mozzerella.

– Day or Night: That would depend entirely on the activity.
– Dancing in the rain: When the opportunity presents itself, I’ll frolic merrily in the rain.

– Eyes: My eyes are icy blue.
– Ever failed a class?: Yes. I. Have.
– First thoughts waking up: “Why did I dream THAT?!”
– Food: Steak is my favorite. Medium.

– Greatest Fear: Loss of my friends.
– Goals: To become a renown writer and (more realistically) a grand meteorologist
– Get along with your parents?: More or less
– Good luck charm: I don’t have a good luck charm.

– Hair Color: Mine? Brown, but it turns copper if I get sun.
– Height: Exactly six feet tall, making me average amongst the Nordic people.
– Happy: I like to be happy, unfortunately I have Recurrent Depression, so that’s not always an option
– How do you want to die: Quickly.

– Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food
– Instrument: I love good drumming.

– Jewelry:  I have a silver pendant with a piece of Superior Agate in it.
– (Dream) Job: To write all the text in an RPG like Skyrim, for example. All the signs, books, dialogue, etc.

– Kids: I’d like them one day. Like to break the cycle and have a daughter (I’m the oldest of 5 boys)
– Kickboxing or karate: I like watching Karate. I took Tae Kwondo.
– Keep a journal?:  A what now? *Looks at the stormy background*

– Love: I’ve been truly in love once. Hope to feel that way again.
– Letter(s): Not sure what this is asking. I like the “ç” in the word “façade” .
– Laughed so hard you cried: Yes I have! I do so all the time.

– Milk flavor: Uh, 1%
– Movies: My favorite of all time is Army of Darkness. That said, there are very few movies I dislike.
– Motion sickness?: If I read in the car or am in the back seat of a small car.

– Number: Seitsemän (Seven, in Finnish)

– One wish: I wish I was more charismatic.

– Perfect pizza: Thick crust, lots of cheese, and garlic.
– Pepsi/Coke: I don’t drink pop. Or soda. Though Coca Cola bubblegum is great.

– Quail: I’ve eaten it. Not bad, a little greasy. Didn’t look anything like a lawyer’s face though.

– Reason to cry: Manic Depressive Disorder. Next!
– Reality T.V.: I admit, I watched Survivor. But I love Top Shot!
– Radio Station: KQ92 (92.5 FM) Classic Rock
– Roll your tongue in a circle: Yup. I can even turn it umop apisdn.
– Ring size: I used to know. Between 5 and 7.

– Song:  Right now, it’s Sail by AWOLNation. That’s subject to change.
– Shoe size: 10
– Salad Dressing: Meat. Salads are boring without some form of meat.
– Sushi: I’m indifferent
– Slept outside: I take hobo naps all the time.
– Skinny dipped?: I have. It was cold.
– Sing well?: Well enough that people notice I can carry a tune
– In the shower?: I sing in the shower all the time. Also dance in there too.
– Strawberries/Blueberries: I prefer strawberries, but I like blueberries.

– Tattoos?: If I was ever to get a tattoo, it would be on my shoulder and it would be a clock. That way, as I age, I look like a Salvatore Dali painting.
– Time for bed: That varies a lot.
– Thunderstorms: *Looks at the background of the site.* What’s a thunderstorm?

– Unpredictable: GULASH!!

– Vacation spot(s): I’d love to go to Australia, 19 hour flight notwithstanding.

– Weakness: A crying girl or a girl who stares into my eyes. Gets me every time 🙂
– Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I don’t know. MJ maybe.
– Wanted to be a model: Nope. I’m kinda goofy looking.
– Worst Weather?: 33F and misty. Either get warmer and rain or colder and snow. Not this garbage.

– X-Rays: Many.
– Ex’s: Four of them. One shattered my heart. The most recent broke me down so much, as she was emotionally and physically abusive.

-Year it is now: Two Thousand Twelve
-Year it was then: Eighteen Thirty Seven
-Year that has yet to come:  Thirty Eight Forty Nine. Fun fact: If you take this date and subtract Year it was then, you get Year it is now.

– Zoo animal: Giraffe or Golden Lion Tamarin

1. Slept in a bed beside you?: My most recent ex.
2. You went to the mall with?: Ivan
3. You went to dinner with?: Ivan, Jake, and Megan
4. You talked to on the phone?: My mom
5. Made you laugh?: Kendra
6. Hugged you?: My cousin Courtney 🙂
7. Said they loved you?: Kendra. *feel the love counts 😉
8. Held your hand?: Miguelito (My little cousin)
9. You spoke with?: Kendra
10. You cried over?:  Myself

That ended on a happy note…. >.>

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