My Passion

The frequent patter
The distant roar
A flash of light
The want for more

The strike of trees
The touch of cold
The blast of wind
Wrath doth unfold 

The sky turned black
We go inside
Tremendous boom
Turned fear aside

Strobe light skies
With heavy bass 
I want more
Not just this taste

As if in answer
Sky turns green
Ice meteors fall
That’s what I mean

Wind picks up
And then falls still
Although exciting
This shall bode ill

Descends from sky
A shadowed cone
This twisted wind
True force condone

The flashes move
From sky to ground
As twisting wind
Throws its weight around

Homes are shattered
Lives destroyed
I wanted more
With Fate I toyed

But then some light
Shone through the clouds
Piercing darkness
Through hidden shrouds

The storm subsides
The sun comes out
Satisfied grin
“That’s what I’m talking about!” 



Whaddya think?

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