A Lifetime

Underwhelming justice, in an overwhelming time. 

The twisted burning wreckage, with no reason or no rhyme. 

The screaming addled faces, in odd tongues; their voices chime. 

Panic all around us, our despair is on the climb. 


Our world is swiftly changing, with no escape from Hell. 

Salvation’s all around us, but I can never tell. 

People screaming madness, another savior they can sell. 

Standing here and watching, while our grand paradise fell. 


Mankind is spurning chaos, when order’s what we need. 

This swift and brutal violence, on which our own fellows feed. 

And those of us with wisdom, our advice they don’t heed. 

Because violence IS the answer, their one and only creed. 


Destruction of my people and of my one true home. 

Our answer is the cruelest, we’ll find you where you roam. 

Our violent acts defeat us, can’t find our pride with comb. 

Our punishment is swifter, we’ll find it in the Tome. 


I guess we should accept it, and while we all just wait. 

We’ll destroy the evil doers, by then we’ll be too late. 

For our bloodlust is eternal, our hunger; we can’t sate. 

To Hell with all of us, for that is our only fate. 

Whaddya think?

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