Thy End is Nigh

The wind blew through my hair. I stood above them, armies warring against one another. Fighting ceaselessly, seemingly pointlessly. Resources, one side claimed, freedom was another’s. I watched as they fought each other, blood coloring the earth beneath their chaotic footsteps. Anguish and despair were the only comforts for the dying. My continued presence went unnoticed by the frenzied masses below me. I looked to the sky, briefly, to see the skies darken. A storm was coming. One of my own making. A snort behind me, startled my thoughts. I turned to see my horse, pale as he was, pawing at the ground absently. 
“Soon. We shall go soon. We must wait for the others.” I said to my mount. Lightning tore the heavens asunder, loosing the precious liquid within. The wind picked up, chilling me to the core. I raised my hood.  Unnatural thunder behind me. 
“Mortals and their wars.” A voice said. “Soon they shall learn the terror of battle.”
“Yes, they shall. Where are the others? The time is drawing near.” I asked, not bothering to turn. More unnatural thunder.
“We are here. When shall we strike at the hearts of men?” Two voices replied, in unison. I turned to my horse. The others were all ready. I mounted my steed and looked to the mortals below, as the sea turned to blood. 
“Collect the forsaken, for their doom is at hand.” I stated. We started our charge. The mortals looked to us. Fear gripped their very souls. We four horseman ushered the Apocalypse, for thy end is nigh.


Whaddya think?

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