Writer’s Block

I sit here thinking what to write
I’ve not written in a while
And so I pull this from my brain
Let’s hope it makes you smile
A cascade of thoughts go tumbling
The voices of my muse
But which do I write and listen to?
Which one shall I choose?
The dark and saddened one, you think?
With angst and bitter tones?
Or the terrifying one
That chills your very bones?
Or better yet the happy one
With trees and chirping birds
Or the one with vocabulary
(That means the one with words.)
I could draw a rebus here
Though I’m not good at art
So I think I’ll skip that one
A trend I should not start.
I guess that I’ll just think some more
I don’t know what to write
Maybe some sleep will help my thoughts
And so I say Good Night


Whaddya think?

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