Twisted Chores

Theo walked out of his house. The sun was shining and the clouds danced in the breeze. He loved to climb the tall, green plants around. He raced to the top of one of the plants closest. He gazed in awe as the world around him seemed to get much larger. He could see for miles around. Theo noticed others. Other beings, standing at the peak of their worlds. Watching and taking in the brilliance of the world around them. It was at that point, that Theo and the others heard a terrible sound.
It defeaned him. Theo cried out in pain as the sound grew even louder. He strained against the cacophony to search for its source. He saw what made the sound all too late…

Timmy had finished his chore. He called out, with a successful grin.
“Mom! The lawn’s been mowed!”


Whaddya think?

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