Turmoil’s Right Hand

Teardrops in the hallway
Smashed panes of glass
Huddled in the corner
A dark and shadowed mass

Rocking gently back and forth
Muttering dark things
The whole wide world is silent
Except for what she sings

She chants in the darkness
Her world is twisted
His picture shattered
The face she fisted

“My world is empty”
“All hope is gone”
“What did I do, Lord?”
“What had gone wrong?”

She wept in shadow
As blood soaked the floor
Her mind is screaming
She wants no more

Her family worried
Her friends come by
They always wonder
How did he die?

She stands up finally
Her knife in hand
The voice in her head
Not of this land

She leaves the house
And disappears
She’ll come for us
Our newest fears


Whaddya think?

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