The War

Despite the calm, James knew better. He knew that they were out there, waiting. He sat quietly in his little makeshift foxhole. He could hear their whispers. Their plots. They were going to destroy him. James wouldn’t let that happen. He had worked too hard to fail now. His weapon at his side, he peeked over the edge of his foxhole.
Fsssst! Ziiiiip!
James ducked down once more. They had him pinned down.
“Damn!” James cursed softly. 
He was running out of options. He crouched low and fired a volley. Two enemies wounded, but not out. James knew that his time was almost up, but he was going to go down fighting.
Suddenly, someone shouted in the distance. 
“James! Kevin! Marla! Time for dinner!” James’ mom called.
James was pleased with himself, as his brother and sister left their snow-fort.
“Coming, Mom!” James replied, dropping the snowballs.


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