Terror in The Forest

Awake at last, I stretch my limbs
My joints all pop and creak
My tummy rumbles from lack of food
I feel that I am weak

The sunshine chases way the moon
As I rise from my bed
An intruder lies in my midst
So I bash in its head!

I drag the body into my home
I tear into its flesh
The blood flows freely from my kill
Its skin looks now like mesh

The birds are chirping mirthfully
The deer jump through the groves
My meal sates both hunger and thirst
I hope more come in droves

My claws are slick and wet with blood
My jaws coated with meat
The first meal drives me to the next
A hunt that’s OH so sweet!

My brethren fear my prowess
For they don’t share my glee
They let most others do their work
Oh well, that’s more for me!

I ready myself for the big night
The anticipation’s strong
I’ll slaughter my prey with great speed
They’ll never know what was wrong

I charge out from my large den
I slam into my meal
With slash and bite I rend my foe
Its fate I quickly seal

I’m not like others of my kind
They find food, Where I tear
A fearsome beast in Nature, I
For I’m the hunting bear!


Whaddya think?

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