Of Course, My Dear

I thought that this would never end. I was trapped, by this… This woman.
“Would you take the car to the car wash?” She would ask.
“Of course, my dear.” I would reply.
“Would you clean the garage and mow the lawn?” She’s ask again.
I would reply, “Of course, my dear.”
This exchange went on for many weeks. Her requests becoming more and more elaborate. More and more work on my part to be done. But I hatched up a plan. I told her that I had to go out. A chance to feel the cool night air on my skin. She nodded and walked off to her room for the night. I left the manor, with my plan working in my head.
An hour or two later I crept back into the manor. I sneaked up the stairs and opened the door to her room. She sleepily opened one eye.
“Is… Is that you?” She asked, with a sleepy tone.
I smiled, as I stood over her with the gun.
“Of course, my dear.”


Whaddya think?

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