No Title (On Purpose)

He sat in a cramped space. It was dark and oily feeling. There were others like him. It seemed to him that they were all asleep. That this is what was life was to be like. He felt trapped. Alone in his realm of oily darkness, he tried to rouse the others from his sleep. Terror awoke inside of him, as nobody else would wake up. He was about to scream, when his world suddenly shifted. He felt like he was thrown around, but then it was still. A series of random tones, louder than his own thoughts, was heard and then a vague feeling of spinning. Terrified, he looked around. They were still asleep! He frantically looked around, to see that his world, which was enveloped in shadows before, was now alight and growing. The oily substance he was covered in appeared yellow and thick. He noticed that he was warmer. Hot, in fact. All of a sudden, someone behind him screamed. It was the most horrific thing he’d ever heard. Another shriek was heard, and another! And another still! Soon, his entire realm was screaming, in pain or terror, he couldn’t tell. 
He screamed too, panic gripping him, like a child grips candy. He screamed and realized that the one who started scream had stopped. In fact, many of the screamers had stopped. Then they exploded. One after another, the screaming ones exploded and erupted. He was one of the last to go, but he exploded too…
Michael opened the microwave and retrieved his bag of popcorn. He shook the bag up, opened it and placed it into a bowl. He salted it and ate it, oblivious to the carnage that had unfolded.


Whaddya think?

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