Jon stood up, warily. His armor shifting uncomfortably in the darkness. His buddy, Fred, had been with him throughout the entire battle. The fighting broke out almost immediately after they suited up. They weren’t ready for the sudden fire, but they leaped into action.
“Fred. flank them!” Jon whispered. Fred only nodded and ran to the other side of their shared cover. He stood up to take a shot when he screamed.
“I’ve been hit! I’m going down! Get em’, Jon! Get em!” Fred was no longer any help to Jon. He ran to his incapacitated friend’s side and quickly shot the guy who had downed Fred.
“It’ll be okay!” Jon yelled, spraying the area with fire. He stood up and felt rounds hit him again and again.
A buzzer sounded above him.
A teenager of about sixteen or seventeen years old wandered into the room. He confiscated everyone’s armor and weapons and put them out in the other room. Jon and Fred left and went to stand again in the line.
Fred smiled. 
“Laser Tag is fun!”

Whaddya think?

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