A Day of Hell

I awoke this morning to the sound of singing birds. This seemed strange to me, as I was used to the sounds of air raid sirens and distant battles. I looked outside, sleepily wiping away the dried tears of my slumber. It was a clear day. The sun shone brightly over the fields. The cityscape, to the west, The city I was born in, was alight with the glow. It was very pretty.
Today is the sixth of August. My Birthday. I will turn twenty-four today. I was excited for this day a long time.
I got dressed quickly and ran downstairs. The children were playing in the yard. Not my children, mind you. I live alone. I was never married and I didn’t mind. 
I went to the cupboard and got some breakfast. It was oatmeal. I love oatmeal.
I always wondered what the Emperor ate for breakfast. He must have steak and eggs every morning. 
Just then, in the middle of my thought, the air raid sirens turned on.
It was odd, seeing as I couldn’t hear anything, but there it was. A faint hum among the laughter of the children. As the blaring sirens wailed their warning, I could make out three figures in the sky. Planes!
As the three planes got closer, I could make out their shapes. One was a bomber, where the other two… they were different. They weren’t fighters, flying escort. They looked to be a different type all together.
It became a roar as the planes flew over us. They didn’t attack. They didn’t even notice us.
I watched, with the other adults, the planes go to the west. After several minutes, a small glinting shape fell from the lead plane. They all broke off their formation at a high rate of speed. 
I watched that steel fall, knowing that it was indeed a bomb. But I was not prepared for the brilliant flash of white light when it exploded. The city was annihilated in a brilliant cloud that resembled a mushroom. A mere fourteen seconds passed before we felt a powerful gale of wind and heat. My clothes were ripped from my body and I saw the trees explode into fire. The children were silenced, many dead. The sound hit then. It was deafening. It was the most horrific sound to go with the sight of the blast. This was not the day I had envisioned for my birthday
I couldn’t imagine this in my wildest nightmares. Certainly, the devil was behind this. My birthplace was turned into a wasteland. A hellish scene of fire and death. I looked around, but found that I couldn’t move. My legs were gone. I hadn’t felt them go. My arms had missing flesh and I realized that I had an eye missing. I was surely going to die! 
How could the Emperor have let this happen? He should’ve had the defenses ready!
As I faded into darkness, I could see rainclouds to the south, over Osaka. I hoped they would move north to put out the fires of my burning Hiroshima. I hoped beyond all…

Whaddya think?

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