The Battle

I watched as the battle unfolded. Waves of men broke on each other, as waves of self-righteous fury. The wind was harsh as the bloodied scene continued. One side seemed to be pressing forward, slowly, but surely. At one moment, I witnessed a group huddled together, as if sharing a secret plan. The other side tried craning their necks, hoping for a whisper of what was happening. The huddled men broke their group and stood back at the fray. A second. Another moment passed. Then, chaos. One side tore through the other with blinding speed. One among them, faster than the rest, pulled ahead. Streaking by with undeniable purpose. The broken side struggled to regroup and stop the human bolt of lightning, but to no avail. The man reached his destination. Tears streaming down his face, as he, and the rest of his compatriots shouted in unison, “TOUCHDOWN!”

Whaddya think?

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