Poetic Poem (For PS)

A poem all about poetry.
That subject phoned in, for a laugh.
I was hoping for something different,
From our illustrious staff.

Now lately you folks got promoted,
Like, Mel, Mimiroppu, and Chris,
Selenio even got Driver.
And a Voice for me? A miss.

Well, I don’t expect to win this,
My only aim is to please
Someone out there will just giggle
Maybe laughter grows on trees :)

There’s never a real way to end these.
These pandering poems of mine
Now don’t let those darn llamas getcha!
You’re smiling now. That’s just fine!

Shamchat Trolling

I used to troll folks on Omegle. Might still do that in the future. I can’t sleep, so I’m going to mess with people’s heads on ShamChat, the Omegle with Characters. I’ll put my characters in BOLD.


This is a conversation between Karkat Vantas and You blink and breathe automatically..
You blink and breathe automatically.: Your tongue is never comfortable in your mouth. You also have toes
You blink and breathe automatically.: Sometimes, there’s an itch in the middle of your back. You can never quite reach it
You blink and breathe automatically.: *yawn*
Karkat Vantas: FUCK. WHERE’S GAMZEE.
Karkat Vantas: SHIT FUCK
Karkat Vantas: *YAWNS*
Karkat Vantas: SHIT
Karkat Vantas: WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME
You blink and breathe automatically.: Nothing. Except point out that you haven’t stretched in a while and you keep blinking at weird intervals
You blink and breathe automatically.: You shouldn’t grind your teeth like that.
Karkat Vantas: FUCK

You blink and breathe automatically.: The world will end in seventy four days. Make the most of this one.


This is a conversation between Kumagawa Misogi and yourself, You are now aware of your blinking.
Kumagawa Misogi: fuck
(That was quick, but satisfying)****

This is a conversation between A Curious Man and an escaped lunatic.
an escaped lunatic: The trees! They feast on the children!
A Curious Man: Indeed they do. It has two mouths to lick from, yes?
an escaped lunatic: Ever twisting, never spurning the sounds of forgotten yester year
an escaped lunatic: Soon all corn will be frothing at the ears.
A Curious Man: Bone round in melody and word layed in rain.
an escaped lunatic: “No more!” they’ll cry out! “No more!” but they’ll be met with silence
an escaped lunatic: The shining blade twists ever deep
A Curious Man: I see dangers hang on the breath.
an escaped lunatic: Sickly sweet with red jam as I spread it on the inequitable toasts of my dead parents
an escaped lunatic: The Squirrels took my socks, but they don’t hear the same radio as I
A Curious Man: Those lips bleed a putrid poison.
an escaped lunatic: Yes, poison, the stench of it makes my lips curl like rusty toenails on an old man’s foot
an escaped lunatic: But who’s foot shall it be, not Old Hickory, though there are twenty of him
an escaped lunatic: Bah, the rams and ewes…
A Curious Man: I have run out of seeds to sprout.
A Curious Man: I have vacated the box.
an escaped lunatic: The world spins to a halt in seventy three
A Curious Man has left the conversation.
(This one was fun to write. I may stick with this character.)


This is a conversation between A ghost and yourself, an escaped lunatic.
A ghost: Helloooooo…
an escaped lunatic: I KNEW IT! You hung the boy on the walls, my elbow doll was not my own
A ghost has left the conversation.

This is a conversation between A guy in glasses and yourself, an escaped lunatic.
an escaped lunatic: I want to be in the ballet. “No bloody boots!” Mommy won’t let me stomp the angels
A guy in glasses: Yo man what the fuck
an escaped lunatic: Mommy says those words are naughty, but her head has no words in my backpack
A guy in glasses: o…k… bro you are scary af
A guy in glasses: bye
A guy in glasses has left the conversation.
(He won’t be going to bed any time soon. That was dark, but I was thinking the Psychos from Borderlands.)****

This is a conversation between An Artist and yourself, an escaped lunatic.
An Artist: Hello
an escaped lunatic: Mommy says the bad people can hear my skin songs. My songs aren’t ready, mommy! Stompy stompy splashy boots, No more ballet…
An Artist: Would you like a painting?
an escaped lunatic: Absent are the fiery tomes, no more crying
an escaped lunatic: no more screaming
an escaped lunatic: The dogs shout louder but the cat knows no more fear
An Artist: God you fucking edgelord lemme make you a painting, you can go write a Linkin Park song later
An Artist has left the conversation.
(Has…Has he ever heard a Linkin Park song? WTF album is this twisted shit on?)****

Okay, I’m done for now. I keep running into the same couple folks. I’ll try again later.


Atop the tall cliff
Watching intently
A sentinel stands guard
Motionless, silently

A barrier to those who
Would seek to harm
Be they in the city
Or the outlying farm

The sentinel is not bored
It feels no pain or strife
It seeks to protect all
Who fear their loss of life

A shot from the dark streaks past
A battlecry is heard
The newest opponents come to view
The sentinel says no word

One attacker swings his blade
The sentinel dodges right
With blinding speed, he slams his foe
Sentinel brings the fight

Three more charge in the fray
With unrelenting zeal
More vicious strikes to each of them
Leaves them with pain to feel

A seemingly endless horde emerged
The sentinel raised its fist
A bolt of lightning struck its arm
New powers on its list

It waved its arm in an arc
And every bandit fell
A smoldering pile of bodies lay
Their souls are now in Hell

A thunderous crash is heard then
As trees fall in the wake
A monstrous vision to behold
Has caused the ground to shake

This bandit lord was mountainous
He stood round sixty feet
In his arms a great mace of steel
He took up the entire street

The sentinel closed its eyes there
In a meditative state
It had to muster all its strength
Before it was too late

The sentinel pleaded with the gods
To imbue its soul with strength
The bandit lord raised the giant mace
It was an enormous length

The sentinel was engulfed in violet flame
The gods had seen its heart
They gave it all the power they had
To stop this lord, before the start

Before all reactions
The bandit’s head was cleaved
The sentinel had cut him lightning quick
Its sword already sheathed

It raised its hands above its head
The violet flames grew hot
Immolated all the foes
And now there was not

The sentinel landed softly
Its work was now complete
It walked back to the silent post
To guard this lonely street


Darkened skies surround me
A familiar scene
Depressing words grace the page
Angry hearts lash out

But a mindset has changed
I am sick of feeling this way
As hailstones batter my body
I am forced to fight my mind

The wind is howling
The rain tears at my flesh
I shout my frustrations
To un-hearing ears

The same old song
You all know these words
Futures past
The lyrics don’t bend

A twist of pain inside my heart
The hammer on my soul
The fury in my mind
As hailstones crush my bones

Not good enough
Not quite
Archaic thought
Getting warmer

I fall to my knees
Splashing in mud
I sob to myself softly
As hailstones smash my mind

One Day

Early this morning
I awoke to the sound
of thunder and lightning
With no one around

It cracked the sky open
And started to rain
It pounded my windows
My sleep- couldn’t feign

I raced to the porch then
And started to stare
When I was a child
This surely would scare

Such storm anxiety
Had tempered my mind
Fascinated now
By every storm I could find

Hail was now falling
With impeccable speed
The wind now was howling
What more could I need?

Suddenly cars flew
And trees met their match
As a vortex knocked aside
Everything it could catch

The excitement had left me
Replaced now by fear
I had to go warn
Everyone I held dear

Emily in the kitchen
My dog in the hall
The neighbors were running
When the houses all fall

“A twister is coming”
I shouted a plea
Auntie Em came a running
To come protect me

My dog in my arms
With a knock to my head
I flew on to Oz
With new colors instead

I woke among dwarves
And a long golden walk
Then they all started singing
Things started to talk

A man made of metal
A man made of straw
A cowardly lion
Who made me say “Awwwww!”

We wandered towards the castle
Of glorious green
Assaulted by monkeys
Winged, fierce, and mean

We met with a witch
Who hated for some reason
My shiny red shoes
Though quite out of season

Her words were like bee stings
Like my skin was welting
When I spilled my water
She cried out “I’m melting!”

We escaped to the castle
With some big old buffoon
Trying to be scary
But he was just a dumb goon

Hid behind the curtain
Was a very nice man
“I want to go home”
And he had a plan

I had to click my shoes
And repeat the words
“Klaatu Verada…”
That stuff’s for the birds

With a wave of goodbye
I awoke in my bed
With everyone ’round me
Thinking I was dead

Birds outside chirping
While I rest with my dog
I closed up my eyes
And I slept like a log

Poetic Torment

Lost in a mansion
Where nothing is clear
Cannot find an exit
At least nowhere near

My mind is so cloudy
My soul’s filled with smoke
My heart’s feeling empty
My mood is no joke

Falling and flailing
I grasp at thin air
Grab hold of some reason
When it begins to tear

I fall further still
No end in sight
This must be a nightmare
My eyes squeezed too tight

Silently floating
Plummeting quickly
Tears leave my eyes
My stomach feels sickly

Utter turmoil
A whisper of pain
Thunderous uproar
From the utterly sane

I feel all alone now
Yet surrounded by you
I look all around me
You’re all that’s in view

Space what you’re needing
Yet comfort I crave
I’ll feel like this always
Even in my grave

Sadness my partner
Agony my friend
Yet love makes me stronger
To the very end

I won’t let this beat me
I must take a stand
Although I am falling
I just have to land.

But now I am weeping
The numbness too great
Depression is winning
Mania I hate

Sobbing quite plainly
Alone in my room
Everyone is sleeping
Alone in my doom

Self hatred is burning
Worthlessness abound
The darkness is gaining
Because you’re not around

A terrible burden
I’m sorry my dear
I know that I’ve caused this
My unquenchable fear

The illness is healing
But still it just fights
Keeping me drowning
Through slumberless nights

The harder I hide it
The more it reveals
I cry out in anger
As the wound weals

Despair is my heart now
While the back of my mind
Is screaming out answers
That I cannot find

My muse is now ending
I write out my fears
The sadness is blinding
Through salt-stinging tears

Waking Nightmare

You arrived! You finally arrived! I was ecstatic! I brought all your things inside and took your coat. You were here! I couldn’t contain myself. I gave you the biggest hug I could possibly give.
“What do you want to do first?” I asked. “Should we go for a walk by the lake? Go see the sights?”
You were so tired from the trip, that you plopped down on the couch.
“We can hang out here too.” I said, with biggest, dumb grin on my face.
“You know what the best part is?” I asked you, looking into your eyes.
“What’s that?” You asked in return.
You’re here.” As I leaned forward to kiss you on the chin. You knowingly smiled.
I took your hand, and lead you into the other room. You were smiling at last.
Suddenly, a car horn blared.
I opened my eyes.
I was in my bed, alone. You still weren’t here. You hadn’t arrived.
As I wiped my eyes of sleep, I looked around.
We fought the night before.
We went to sleep frustrated.
You weren’t here to give the biggest hug.
I can’t give you a kiss on your chin.
I can’t lead you into the next room.
The memory of the dream is already fading. I try to hold onto it as long as possible.
Sheer happiness.
Time to start the day.