You are all I think of
I praise you in your fame
When I close my eyes I hear
you speak another’s name

Your smile lights up every room
Your scent enchants the air
Yet even though we stand so close
It’s like I am not there

Because your gaze is not towards me
I’m an anchor after all
Yet I’ll be here to bring you up
In case you ever fall



A gentle breeze across the field
Imposing clouds in the sky
Parents rush their kids inside
Before the sirens cry

A flash of lightning splits the air
As tiny droplets fall
The wind shifting towards the storm
Cumulonimbus so tall

The ground is drenched by rain
While thunder deafens the world
The sky turns green with sudden hail
Violence to be unfurled

Ice slamming into mud and homes
As sirens begin to wail
The storm unleashed a whirlwind
Amid the crashing hail

Spinning wind and fury roar
Tossing cars and trees
No end in sight for terror
Scaring whole families

At last the storm has passed now
Sun breaks the sky once filled
Now we start the clean-up
And we shall now rebuild


The snow begins to fade away
The grass begins to grow
As the weather warms up some
Oh wait. Yeah, that’s snow.

But lo! The skies are clear now
And sweaters coming off
A gentle breeze blows ‘cross the land
Which makes me want to cough

From all the crap that they put out
To stop cars from crashing bad
I sneeze and cough and hack and wheeze
All that my sinuses had

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! I hear them shout
While Kleenex stops the flow
Of what I assume are my brains
I guess I’ll never know

Ad so by doze iz all sduffed ub
Ids geddig hard to speak
Tank goodiss for antihisdabeens
Bud dow I’m feelig weak

*SNIFFLE* So now I go to take a nap
And bid you all adieu
I hate hayfever Oh so much
Please take that too, with you.

The Crack in the Block

Needed to hit the slab one more time. I was tired and it showed. I couldn’t think about anything else. I needed to get through. Hammering away for what had seemed like eons and I had made little, if any, progress.
Yet for some reason, I felt like all I needed was one more solid hit. One more blow.
I swung my hammer with all of my might. It crashed into the wall in front of me with a loud cracking sound. The block appeared to be fine, except for a tiny fracture, where light was coming through. I pressed my face to it and peered through. There was wonder beyond this blockade. Vivid colors and enchanting forests. There were animals beyond count and people without equal. It was a world that was ripe for exploring.
I just needed to continue breaking through this Writer’s Block.

An Actual Email I Got (In Its entirety)

FBI- Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Federal Government Office
Address: 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535 ,United States
Text Phone: +1(714)613-6913


I ‘m contacting you by your email however; I feel it’s best and more
convenient for me to explain why I am contacting you. I’m Mr.John Bill
United States New Appointed FBI fraud Investigator , I work hand in hand with
the United States Fraud Unit of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). I’m
specialize in Background Investigations on funds which include [COMPENSATION/
notice that you have being receiving numerous emails from people who claims to
have funds coming to you but I advise that if you’re still in communication
with any of them on issue of funds however, you’re hereby advise to stop every
communication right now because those people has being investigated and
confirmed to be a Fraud.

I wish to announce our successful investigation which was carried out few days
ago; I guess it will interest you to know why this investigation was conducted.
For your information, it was truly confirmed that you have 100% Legitimate
unpaid transaction and you have every right to claim this funds as you’re been
confirmed to be the right Beneficiary of the said amount $3.2 Million usd
getting this funds to you, your funds has now been increased to $3.5 Million
usd approved for payment by Office of the Presidency here in United States.

I’m informing you this today because I came to notice that you’re not
communicating with a legitimate person who is in charge of getting these funds
to you. This announcement has to be made open to you however because you may
have being swindled by those unscrupulous people whom you have sent money in
the course of getting one fund or the other which is not real and for this
reason, we have decided to help you get your funds directly from the us Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI) here in WV United States because your Legitimate
funds remains unpaid.

I want to know if you’re interested in receiving your unpaid legitimate funds
value $3.5 Million usd however, I will only be of help if you agreed to follow
my instructions. If you’re really interested in receiving your unpaid $3.5
Million USD, I advise that you get back to me immediately. All I need is your
cooperation and understanding.

Please urgently contact back in this email by clicking your Reply.

Your Faithful

Mr.John Bill
Email: (fbiunit-johnbill@outlook.com)
FBI Special investigator

The Vigil

Can’t sleep, for fear of waking
The pain inside me keeps me shaking
Twisting in the wind, left hanging
Slamming my skull, incessant banging

Grinding my teeth, silently waiting
Skirting the thin ice that I’m now skating
Wishing for everything to just be okay
Knowing that only the darkness will stay

The negative voices inside of my head
Will never stop chiding until I am dead
Constantly fighting the ceaseless oppression
That’s how we fight against manic depression

The Hurricane

The storms roll back, the tides come in
Our world destroyed by senseless wind
The clean-up crew rebuilds our lives
And buzzing madly like angry hives

The ground saturated ‘neath our feet
Though the sun’s a welcome treat
We work until the day is done
All in view of the setting sun

Trusting others help us through
But more pain is coming too
More storms with havoc in their wake
Not sure how much we can take

Never have we wanted more
Rest instead of what’s in store
Nature’s fury comes in slow
With wind and rain and more in tow

So now we’ll focus on the today
Hoping the storm goes away
Cherishing those we love the most
While enduring the windy coast